We invented the LOVE ON THE SNOW brand

to have a reason to enjoy winter. Winter deprives us of femininity. We lose our shapes under a ton of layers of clothes, paying the price for not freezing. It's also because winter underwear is either warm or sexy. And the truth is, we shouldn’t have to choose. 

We looked for comfort and beauty in one, so we could enjoy winter in the city. And we found it in Nature - the ultrafine merino wool. 
The most perfect thermoactive material it is natural, breathable, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and soft on the skin. All this makes it an ideal base material for a first layer.

We gave it the form of a warm and sexy underwear that you can wear every day, whenever you need protection from the cold, and you want to feel feminine. You can put it under a dress, a shirt, a jacket, a cardigan or a turtleneck - however, you like it. 

LOVE ON THE SNOW merino lingerie is an urban equivalent of sports thermal underwear. We aimed for quality and classic, timeless cuts so that your underwear would serve you for many winters. And when it's life ends, it does not contribute to the degradation of the environment and the global warming effect. Therefore wearing the LOVE ON THE SNOW underwear, you have a direct influence on the fact that winters will remain white and beautiful.

And this is the kind of winter, we know we would love.


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