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White winterlust

LOTS, 24/01/2019
White winterlust

We discovered some mind-blowing products and ideas and got even more convinced that responsible fashion is the future of our industry. Unfortunately, as a newcomer and an SME, we can’t always put them into practice. Mainly due to the cost. Let’s face it, eco-friendly solutions tend to be very expensive. Most of them are start-ups, in the difficult stage of commercializing their bold ideas.

On our way to sustainability, we had to let go on several points, also because the functionality of our products is crucial for us. If comfort were to be at stake, we would decide not to be too uncompromising. Which is why the woolen fabric used for the „Wintry Cities” collection is a blend of merino ultra-fine and elastane fibers. This small addition of elasticity is responsible for the second-skin feel our clients love so much about the bodysuits. We did not achieve such an effect using 100% natural material, although our designer made many attempts.

The use of plastic and not metal snaps in the body fasteners were also determined by the trial and error method. In the end, we chose an environmentally unfriendly plastic, because it makes the body fastening undetectable.

However, the latches are sewn by hand (according to the eco-design philosophy), so that when the underwear is worn out, they could be easily separated from the rest of the product and used for recycling.

With time, we would like to replace plastic with its ecological alternative. Such as the Californian start-up Mango Materials’ compostable biopolymer made from biogas.

Dr. Anne Schauer-Gimenez, who we spoke to at the Copenhagen summit, believes that soon it will be possible to buy buttons and latches produced in this technology. It’s only a matter of time and money. We can't wait!



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