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Diane* t-shirt

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Loose merino wool t-shirt with a small u-shaped neckline and sleeves decorated with our eco-lace in geometric patterns with long 'eye-lashes'. Very comfy and chic! 

This very special lace is made of recycled polyester fibers (70%), using only solar energy.

*Diane Arbus  - was an American photographer. Arbus worked to normalize marginalized groups and highlight the importance of proper representation of all people. She worked with a wide range of subjects including members of the LGBTQ+ community, strippers, carnival performers, nudists, dwarves, children, mothers, couples, elderly people, and middle-class families. She photographed her subjects in familiar settings: their homes, on the street, in the workplace, in the park. “She is noted for expanding notions of acceptable subject matter and violates canons of the appropriate distance between photographer and subject. By befriending, not objectifying her subjects, she was able to capture in her work a rare psychological intensity.” Wikipedia.

BODY: 94% MULESING-FREE merino wool, 6% elastam (South Africa/EU).  ECO-LACE: 70% recycled poliester, 100% solar power. TRIMMING: 100% polyamide (Spain). 

Why the merino wool doesn’t itch?
The merino fleece gives the most elegant and soft yarn, which produces a wool variety called ultrafine merino. A single filament is less than 18,5 microns in diameter - it's thinner and more flexible than a human hair, measuring from 60 to 120 microns. It feels like silk on the skin, is extremely resistant to pilling and makes a great base material for the lingerie.


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