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COPENHAGEN body #sensitivefashion

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The newest aw 20/21 edition of our bestselling long-sleeve #sensitivefashion.

We are selling these items at the reduced price because they're made of a batch of fabric with small imperfections. You may find regular thin black stripes on some parts of the black surface. They're visible when you look at the clothes against the light. The structure of the fiber is not damaged and the marks will disappear with time and washing. Truth is, if we hadn't used this lot for our production, the fabric would have ended up as #waste. Instead of throwing it away, we decided to use it and label it the #sensitivefashion collection. We hope you will buy it and love it. For #thereisnoplanetb and #lovedclotheslastlonger!

A slim-fit envelope bodysuit, with an extra layer of elastic merino wool on the front and a large sexy looking neckline. A fully covered back and long sleeves make it a perfect choice for a very cold winter day undies, or a great first (and only) layer, on an autumn evening. The COPENHAGEN bodysuit has an adjustable fastening. It reveals just as much of your cleavage as necessary to make you feel sexy but still very comfortable. 

How to wear?

As a long -sleeve top, with a skirt or denim trousers, under a jacket or a bohemian style dress. Each time you think, an extra thermal comfort would make you a better person.

BODY: 94% merino wool, 6% elastam (South Africa/EU). TRIMMING: 100% polyamide (France). FASTENING: small metal snap buttons (Poland). 

Why the merino wool doesn’t itch?
The merino fleece gives the most elegant and soft yarn, which produces a wool variety called ultrafine merino. A single filament is less than 18,5 microns in diameter - it's thinner and more flexible than a human hair, measuring from 60 to 120 microns. It feels like silk on the skin, is extremely resistant to pilling and makes a great base material for the lingerie.


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