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NUUK bottoms

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Retro style high waist bottoms, made of thin elastic ultrafine merino and decorated the the finest French chantilly lace. Their cut provides the "second skin" effect - they fit just perfect! A small elastic element in the middle of the back gives your buttocks a very curvy look. High waist cut has a double advantage - it makes your waist look slimmer and gives you extra protection from the cold.

How to wear?
Under a high-waisted pants or tights, under a dress or a pencil skirt - like any other underwear. Whenever you want to feel attractive, and you wish to stay warm. They match the NUUK top.

BODY: 93% merino wool, 7% elastam (Australia/Italy), LACE: 100% polyamide (France)

Why the merino wool doesn’t itch?
The merino fleece gives the most elegant and soft yarn, which produces a wool variety called ultrafine merino. A single filament is less than 18,5 microns in diameter - it's thinner and more flexible than a human hair, measuring from 60 to 120 microns. It feels like silk on the skin, is extremely resistant to pilling and makes a great base material for the lingerie.


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