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is the our first collection, dedicated to all women living in the cities reined by the cold. Beauty and functionality are equally important elements, as the balance between warm and sexy is the very essence of the brand’s philosophy. 

The base material in all the pieces is the ultrafine merino wool, which is responsible for the thermal comfort. We keep it simple, yet elegant - the design is classic, timeless and easily adapted to all kinds of styles and figures. Like the lace NUUK top - which is a chic must-have in every women’s wardrobe. We used delicate lace from a Calais manufacture to give it the sexy French touch. The COPENHAGEN bodysuit has a classic ballet training suit look and can be worn as a first layer or the only layer when needed. Sensuality is expressed by bold necklines, cut-outs, and transparency, like in the LEYNAR and REYKJAVIK models.

The "Wintry Cities" collection consists of bottoms, tops, and bodysuits, which are the perfect underwear for the winter. By adhering to the body, they provide the "second skin" effect and the best protection against penetrating cold.

We hope our merino lingerie will make your cold winter days in a city, more beautiful.


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