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Second skin

When it gets cold, every layer of clothing counts. The first one that is closest to your body has particular importance.


This very first layer is responsible for thermal comfort. For each of us, it means something else - we are born with different sensitivity to cold. Some of us suffer more from it, while the others have better tolerance to low temperatures. Therefore, the best material for the winter underwear is thermoactive and breathable. One that regulates your body temperature and reacts to changes in ambiance. It warms your body when you go out and does not allow you to overheat when you enter your home, your office, a bar or a shop.


Nothing beats the merino wool in terms of thermoactive properties. This breed of sheep, nowadays residing mainly in Australia and New Zealand, is particularly resistant to extreme temperatures. It tolerates both heat and cold. And it translates directly into the properties of the knitwear.


The merino fleece gives the most elegant and soft yarn, which produces a wool variety called ultrafine merino. A single filament is less than 18,5 microns in diameter - it's thinner and more flexible than a human hair. It feels like silk on the skin, is extremely resistant to pilling and makes a great base material for lingerie.

Tradition and innovation

Our products are currently made of high-end ultrafine merino knitwear, weighing 150 g/m2, produced in EU from South-African "mulesing-free" yarn, by an established mill with great passion for knitted fabrics and innovative approach. The material contains a small percentage of elastam addition, which makes our tops, bottom, and bodysuits ultimately comfortable to wear. 


The merino ultrafine wool is easy to handle. It is machine-washable (at 30 °C) and dries very quickly. It has antibacterial properties and is odor-resistant. As a rule, it is a very durable fiber - it gets worn out several times slower than cotton. It will serve you for many winters if you treat it in the proper way. Detailed care tips are in the description of each product, on care labels, and hang-tags.


Wool is easily renewable and biodegradable, so when your merino underwear ends its life, it will not harm the ecosystem. It is easy to recycle or dispose of in an environmentally safe way. While working on the LOVE ON THE SNOW brand and collection, we tried to imply as many eco-design principles, as possible. Read more about it on the ECO-DESIGN page.


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