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summery cities collection SPRING/SUMMER 2021

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spring/summer 2021

A life without LOVE is like a year without SNOW.

There are places on earth where summer never ends, like Caracas, or where it's never too hot, like Biarritz. And the kind where you still walk on stones burning from the sun at night, so you can't walk barefoot. Such as the Spanish Alhambra. 

They vary in climate, just like the styles from our new spring-summer collection. And just like the moods of a woman in love - from unrestrained childish joy and happiness, through anger and uncertainty to fear.

What they have in common is functionality. All the new styles are designed to offer extra comfort when it's hot outside. From the fabrics we're using to their sophisticated design - everything has its purpose.

Summery cities spring/summer 2021 opens a new chapter in our brand's history. For the first time we're making the opposite to what we're already known for - thermoactive merino wear. Instead, we're incorporating a blend of micromodal and silk, which are famous for their gentle and cooling touch. Ideal for summer clothing. So, this time BABY, IT'S HOT OUTSIDE! But you can still count on us to have your back on it. 

With these new offerings, we keep proving that good design is a combination of aesthetics and usability. The name of our first spring/summer collection also refers to our debut - the fall/winter 2018 wintry cities collection. We hope you will love our "summer cities" as much as the "winter" ones.

head designer: Joanna Misztela

art director: Joanna Kołodziejczak

CAMPAIGN: Decodialogue and Ład Studio

model: Agnieszka Larson



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