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There're people behind all brands, in our case it's women. We're different in many ways, but we also have a lot in common. Like our first name and team spirit. Although we know a lot about plenty, and we're experts in specific fields, we enjoy acquiring new skills. This is why we consider our company and products a constant challenge and the opportunity to learn. About fabrics, technologies, environment, marketing or finance. We keep learning from others and each other and we love going to the textile and fashion fairs. They're a source of inspiration, knowledge, connections, and progress.

We also share a vision of a brand that offers the best quality of fabrics and services, without damaging the environment. A brand, which supports and listens to its clients. Because it helps us create a better product.

Joanna Kołodziejczak

founder/brand manager/creative director

- I came up with the idea for LOVE ON THE SNOW, based on my personal need, but this need is also very universal. Most women want to feel warm and sexy in their winter undies. They're hard to find as one thing, so I figured there's a niche on the market.

Before she dedicated herself to launching the LOVE ON THE SNOW brand, she worked in media and tv production, translated dialogue lists for movies and tv series, co-owned a Winebar and organized festivals. At LOTS she's responsible for the brand's image, marketing, distribution, customer service and relations with suppliers and business partners.

Joanna Misztela

partner/head designer

Fashion designer, a graduate of three art colleges - Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design, Poznań College of Applied Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. Since 2002, she runs her atelier, combining commercial design withe creating trends in her author collections. She specializes in underwear design and construction.

She joined LOTS in 2019 as a business partner and authored the HAZY SHADE OF WINTER collection, coming up with the innovative idea of combining the merino wool with delicate Italian tulle. This unique design has already become iconic for our brand.


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